The Ocean

I stand like a splendid statue with slight quivering of the limbs as I stare the ocean,Somewhere beyond the great ocean that stretches away before my eyes, lays a world unknown to me that I’m about to enter,My ears have been attuned to the whispers and mutterings of the men who’ve been there before and […]

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I vow to help dress you in the armor of God with each sunrise,I vow to act like a mirror and reflect your God given greatness and cherish that greatness well,I vow to surrender my own flesh and desire so that I can fiercely and unconditionally love you, to always look you in the eyes […]

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No love story to write about

When I joined campus, being in a relationship was also one of the things that I looked forward to apart from my studies. I used to hear of lovers narrate their love stories of how they had met in campus, so I was sure that is where I would write the beginning of an eternal […]

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Goodbye July

Sighs* If this was the position you’d have told me I would be in at the beginning of the year, I would have strongly opposed but here I am. Probably this is where the universe wants me to be in. July you have brought sadness, loneliness, few occasions of laughter (can’t recall when I laughed, […]

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What if

Often I am always told that the place that I’m in right now, that’s exactly where the universe wants me to be and I tend to disagree at times. This is because I am a product of the decisions that I’ve made in the past and if I had made a different decision then probably […]

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The Unreadable Book.

The book has been lying in the bookstore shelf for 4 years and it is yet to be procured. The cover is not quite alluring but there is an extra-ordinary grace about it. The book is voluminous and to make it worse it is written in the French language which few people know to an […]

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Hey You.

You want to take the road that begins at the corner and that’s why platonic isn’t a word you understand, You hate reading a book from page to page because it requires commitment, that is why you only read the pages that excite you and once you are done, you dump it for another, You […]

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Tonight I’m thinking about you, I feel a cloak of sadness and if we had never drifted apart, I would have reached out. For now I have no one.I would have just told you I feel sad and you would have done your best to rejuvenate me with funny stories. I would be now smiling […]