A sad night with a beautiful ending.


After being in a deep state of thought, she slowly got up and walked towards the mirror where she caught a glimpse of her disarrayed long black hair, the bruises of passion that were all over her body, the bags underneath the eyes, red lips which were fuller than usual and shame immediately enveloped her.

She blinked back the tears that were now piling up against her eyelashes fighting her misgivings thinking of the fact that there might be another sharing his affections. With jaws clenched, arms folded she sat and paused to replay last night’s events reliving the memories of the past years which they had shared together. It had been 5 years since they had seen each other and she had made a decision to walk away after the gruesome betrayal by being with another.

Through her dedication, sheer determination, alone she had built a life of her own and untethered the threads that had bound her to him 5 years ago but here she was back into his arms after bumping into him a week ago. Just when she had started to reach a sense of closure and moving on from the betrayal, the universe decided to avail him to her probably to indicate what they had was not meant to end. The air between them was charged with something she had never felt anywhere else and was drawn to him hopelessly just like when she was a teenager.

A single night had somehow made up for the self-imposed celibacy of 5 years by the one who had impaled a dagger of pain in her heart rendering her incapable of trusting another in her orbit. Tears of regret tingled her eyes knowing that the wall that had been built around her heart was now rocking to its foundation. The protective shell built, last night he had succeeded in smashing it and now she was a wounded animal, deeply hurt and afraid.

Her cries were no longer silent which awakened him from his state of sleep and he knew very well he was the cause of it and guilt took over him. He sat beside her, enveloped his arms around her trembling and unresisting figure, stroking her hair till she calmed down.
He whispered “Don’t you know you are the only woman in the world for me. It’s always been you and there will never be another except you. I love you and you’ve never slipped my mind for 1825 days. Just give me another chance.

There was silence, she lay in his arms and could no longer go on fighting her feelings for him. Uncertain she was about the future but today she would live in the moment not caring what will unfold tomorrow.

Work of fiction.

From when the walls come down, then love takes over and it no longer matters what is possible or impossible, it doesn’t even matter whether we can keep the loved one at our side. To love is to lose control. Love doesn’t need to be discussed, it has its own voice and speaks out for itself. We have to take love where we find it, even if that means hours, days or years. – Paulo Coelho, By the river piedra I sat down and wept. (I love this book).

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