Dear Parent,

Dear Parent,

For the past one month my fears and worries have long held me at bay to a point of my body is being denied its purpose because of the fear of failing you yet you’ve done so much for me.

It’s only because of you I exist in this phase of the earth,
Because of you people know me and have a friend like me,
Because of you I know what it is like to be loved, appreciated and cared for,
You have been there for me since the first day,
In times of joy and sorrow,
You have held my hand while going through my tough times.

Because of you I have been able to have a good life for you have strived day and night to make ends meet,
Because of you I have siblings who lighten up my world,
Because of you I look forward to tomorrow,
Your inspiring words give me the motivation to move on with life,
And I will always be grateful to you.

Because of you I have the greatest gift,
The greatest gift of all, LIFE.

How can all this ever be repaid?

Times and times I have failed you,
I have not been the perfect daughter and several times I have disappointed you,
And in those times I have cried liters,
And I am sorry from the bottom of my heart,
But how I live each day to make it up to you and make you proud of me.
I doubt whether I have made you enjoy the fruits of parenting like the other parents but I hope someday you will and may you live long to experience it.

Dear parent,

I am sorry, I have failed you again,

I am extremely ashamed too and disappointed in myself,
I know I have not performed to your complete satisfaction several times and I hope you know it’s not because I did not try and you can be rest assured I did the best I could but still the outcome was failure.
That is all I have to say and I do not know what the future has in store for me but I leave all the rest to my heavenly father.

I am sorry.
From your daughter.

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