Body Modification

While body modification was frowned at and done in private, it is now desirable and flaunted publicly. Recently I have been following the DR.90210 series religiously in awe, seeing how the doctors are able to transform the physique and alter it towards the liking of the client within hours. Who would have thought that that would have been possible?You can walk into a clinic and walk out with your desired body without having to fast or spend hours at the gym huffing and puffing sounds.

Realization hits me of how gone are the days when one would be given the pep talk on accepting and loving their bodies just as they are for today’s mantra is, if you do not like it, hide it or for crying out get a replacement. Most of the clients tend to be women and they come in with an explanation of what body part they would want altered and fixed plus their expected outcome from the plastic surgery. The reason behind it, is that they do not feel comfortable or beautiful in their own skin and they believe that surgery is their last resort to achieving that. We are also living in a society whereby women seem to be valued for their physical appearance whereas men are praised for their intelligence so I do not blame them for choosing this way.

If you do not like the shape of nose fix it, if you have a protruding belly get a tummy tuck with abs, If your boobs are small and you don’t like them, get a boob job, if you have a small booty which makes you cringe once you stare on the mirror get a butt lift, if your lips are small get some injections, if you don’t like your pear body shape change it into an hourglass with a wasp like waist. It still baffles me of how a woman will have a child and go home from the hospital with a flat stomach something that I have not seeing amongst those who are close in my circle and have given birth but now I understand what happens.

As I listen to this conversations between the client and doctor it makes me think of how women feel the intense pressure today to be beautiful especially in this era of social media whereby you are greeted with perfect bodies which have become the perfect benchmark for beauty. Everything is always glittering and polished to perfection and many women have opted to follow suit in order for them to ‘fit in’. Just have a look at the Kardashians: perfect faces, wide hips, full breasts and flat stomachs that are admired by so many women across the world and this influences one to either change or accept their bodies but most opt for change. Younger generations have starved themselves while some have butchered in order to meet this beauty standards.

Who set the standards for beauty? Why is being a particular size, color and shape desirable? It so sad that women have been subjected to standards of beauty that have led to self-hate , body mutilations, eating disorders and some have botched themselves while trying to achieve this “so called beauty standards”. (You can watch Botched and see how some surgeries end up going wrong and causing more harm than good). Why would one kill themselves trying to achieve this beauty ideals?

When I was growing up I was told that a flashing smile was a surer and cheaper way of appearing attractive blended with a decent costume plus simplicity but I have come to realize that’s not the case anymore. Being attractive means that you have to have a touch of cosmetic on you and being simple is an analogy that worked only in the past and by the way this does not apply to all.

Body modification is not something that I would advocate for and I believe we are more than what we look and we need to speak about beauty way less. It so sad to see young girls being subjected and forced to chase impossible standards as others grow having a hate relationship with their appearance. I wouldn’t judge a woman who opts for plastic surgery in order for her to feel good about herself for I have had my fair share of body insecurities and I know what it feels not to feel beautiful like the rest. If that will make her happy, let her go for it. Though it’s my hope we can all appreciate ourselves and know pictures on social media are mostly edited.

I want to apologize to all women I have called pretty before I’ve called them intelligent or brave. I am sorry I made it sound as though something as simple as what you were born with is the most you have to be proud of when your spirit has crushed mountains. From now on I will say things like, you are resilient or you are extra-ordinary not because I think you are pretty but because you are more than that.- Rupi Kapur.

Is it worth it to go to this extent in order to feel beautiful?!

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